To Be Like Me is a nonprofit disability awareness program geared towards school-aged kids, graduate students, and special groups. We provide in-person and online interactions led by people living with disabilities.

Through meaningful interactions with our Leaders, we create a learning opportunity that fosters empathy and compassion and equips our communities to be more inclusive.

Differences Addressed:
Autism & Sensory Processing
Mental Health Challenges
Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Speech & Communication Challenges
Chromosome Differences
Mobility Impairments
Vision Impairments
Learning Differences
Invisible Disabilities

Simply click on the online lessons button and register to access our interactive online lessons provided at no cost thanks to our generous donors. If you are a teacher, administrator, or group leader and wish to sign up for programming, see below for programming options.



Programming Options

In-person Options:

A two-hour interactive program covering at least 8 areas of disability, accommodating approximately 80 participants, held at the Tolleson Family Activity Center in Dallas.

1. Field Trip for Students
Students meet, connect with, and ask questions of our LEADers (people living with disabilities) in a safe environment.

Click HERE to sign up your school for the 2021-2022 school-year! Download Info

2. Teacher Training
Teachers gain a better understanding and are equipped with ideas to accommodate and include students who have various differences. Coming soon!

3. Community Programs
Families/groups experience the program together, sparking meaningful connections and conversations.

Click HERE to sign up for the Fall Community Program on Sunday, November 14th from 2-4 PM.

Virtual Options:

1. Classroom Cohort Program: Teacher-facilitated
Teachers complete online lessons on their own schedule. These classrooms will also have the opportunity to virtually interact with at least eight of our LEADers.
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2. Online To Be Like Me Class: TBLM Staff-directed
Eight 45-minute classes led by To Be Like Me staff. Participants learn about at least eight different areas of disability and virtually interact with at least eight of or LEADers.
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3. Online Zooms with our LEADers
Sign up to virtually interact with our LEADers (typically 30-45 minutes).
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