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Meet the entrepreneurs – and see what they pitched

To Be Like Me To Be Like Me is a disability awareness program targeted to schools that builds more equitable, inclusive communities through education and purposeful interactions. Andrea King wants people to think of its services like describing the color blue to someone who is blind. It’s all about fostering empathy, while helping people become more understanding.

Through its disability awareness programs, To Be Like Me provides a platform of employment for people living with a disability. These ‘Leaders’ receive paid employment in exchange for education and serving as an advocate. King says this benefits participants, because they learn about disability directly from someone who’s living with it, along with its ‘Leaders’ who find purpose and joy in their work.

“Disability is all around us,” she said. “But here’s the problem: Discrimination and prejudices against people with disabilities exist because there’s a lack of understanding. This creates issues that follow them their whole life, from school to the workplace and beyond.”

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