A disability awareness program
that breaks down barriers and
fosters compassion.

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Many obstacles exist for people
with disabilities:

  • Stereotypes and misconceptions
  • Accessibility issues
  • Lack of challenge in school
  • Violence and bullying
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Higher rates of unemployment and poverty

Empathy has
decreased by


in students
that have
entered college
since 2000.*

*Sara H. Konrath. (2010). Changes in Dispositional Empathy in American College Students Over Time: A Meta-Analysis.  SAGE Journals, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.


We empower people who have disabilities by providing employment and a platform to share their individual stories and advocate for others.

After experiencing our program, participants will have a better understanding and appreciation for individual differences. This will impact their future interactions, spread empathy, and create a more collaborative and inclusive environment.

Empathy is most
readily triggered when
we are exposed to
individual stories.

- Sandro Galea from How Empathy Can Help Us Save the World